Business and family arrangements

Are you looking for a location for a business event? It Aude Kolonyhûs offers plenty of possibilities. These include workshops, training courses and meetings. Working remote is also possible at It Aude Kolonyhûs. All accommodations are equipped with Wi-Fi and a table to work on. 

Our group accommodations are also suitable for family gatherings. Multiple accommodations can be combined for weddings or family weekends.

Group activities

The group accommodations can be used for (business) activities. Think of:




Working on location


Family weekend


Curiosity cabinet

Do you want to visit our cabinet of curiosities, ´De Gribus­´? Before It Aude Kolonyhûs was renovated, the entire building was furnished as a cabinet of curiosities. Now De Gribus is back on the island, located in It Aude Kolonyhûs. Besides all of the curiosities on display, there is a permanent exhibition of the Dutch whaling industry to the South Pole. 

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