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Fam. Y.J. Talsma
Badweg 67A
9166 NG Schiermonnikoog
Phone number 0595 76 44 44

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Accessibility It Aude Kolonyhûs

Want to know how to get to It Aude Kolonyhûs?


You can take the bus on the Veerdam that goes over the Badweg. Get off at the stop It Aude Kolonyhûs on the Badweg.


It is possible to take a taxi at the harbor. It is not necessary to make a reservation.


You can rent a bicycle at the Veerdam. Follow the route towards the village and from there take the road to Badstrand via the Badweg. You will find our accommodations on the left halfway along Badweg.

Curiosity Cabinet

Before It Aude Kolonyhûs was renovated, the building was completely furnished as a cabinet of curiosities. Now Gribus is back on the island located in It Aude Kolonyhûs. In addition to all the rarities on display, there is also an exhibition about the Dutch whaling industry and the expeditions to the South Pole..

Curiosity Cabinet